Type 2 Diabetes Surgery

You can get rid of diabetes.

Op. Dr. İbrahim Karataş provides treatment for type 2 diabetes with his more than 15 years of experience.


Type 2 diabetes is a heterogeneous multi-factor dynamic disease. The development of the disease is not only due to hormonal factors but also it is affected by psychological and environmental factors. The classic treatment of diabetes is training, exercise, diet, medicines and insulin. However, with these treatment protocols, only 20% of diabetes patients can be taken under control. Only 7 percent of patients follow their doctor’s recommendations for two years.

Why should Metabolic Surgery be preferred?

With the diet and exercise it is intended to provide temporary solutions. It is not possible for a human to do exercise and diet for a lifetime. In the studies, the rate of patients who follow diet and exercise instructions for 3 years is not over 5 percent. These treatments are intended to control blood sugar. With the surgery, diabetes is treated by 93% within 4 weeks. Our patients give up diabetes medicines and diabetes diet and return to their normal life.

How Do These Surgeries Affect?

In today’s world, our eating habits and content of the food have considerably changed. We have started to consume fabricated, refined fast food. The negative effect of this nutrition type is that digestion is not completed fully. The food is digested at the middle part of small intestine before it reaches the last part. However, to allow the benign intestinal hormones to be activated and give a feeling of saturation, the food should use whole of the gastrointestinal tract . If it is not used wholly, benign intestinal hormones at the end of small intestine are not activated. These good hormones increase the sensitivity in body. Metabolic surgery enables food to recieve the last portion of intestine earlier.


This operation technique is the latest technique started to be applied in Cleveland and France. Diabetes is treated by 93% within 4 weeks with this operation. There are no problems such as absorption disorders, which are called as malabsorption, and osteoporosis in this operation as it is different from other operations. In addition, it is carried out without changing the location of intestines as in other operation techniques. This operation is performed successfully in our clinic.

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